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 It all started with the idea of creating a space where female music industry professionals and newbies can support, promote and connect with each other face to face through live music events, cocktails night, Coffee meetings, Speed networking sessions and thanks to our rapidly growing community Amplify Her has created a space where everyone can be heard.







The mission is to "Create a community of female music industry professionals that support one another in moving their careers forward as well as pushing gender equality".












Amplify Her was created by artist, singer/songwriter Andrea Dee.

After more than 15 years in the music industry as an independent artist,

Andrea lived in 4 different countries, touring the US, EUROPE, and the UK

always craving a place of community where she felt she could belong.

Releasing  her electro-pop album Truth & Dare in 2021 and the creation

of live immersive sonic and visual concert launched to a sellout crowd at

the London Hippodrome, Andrea felt the need and desire to be part of a

music community where she could go for guidance and growth, a place

where she could celebrate the good day. get support on the harder ones,

a place where like-minded people could come together and work, dream,

and laugh together.

Join our community and be part of the change. 

Amplify Her live event
Andrea Dee creator of Amplify Her
Amplify Her coffee meeting
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Our Story

live event Amplify Her
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